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Our proprietary straight-pull-action enables the production of tactical weapons combining the speed of semi-automatic rifles with the accuracy and tight groupings of the best bolt action rifles. The entire weapon has been designed to facilitate the needs of demanding tactical scenarios and a high degree of customizability is offered.

Fast Operation

Our straight pull action is very fast to operate. As there is no need to rotate the bolt through the reloading action, the shooter is able to maintain the sight image on the target enabling fast, accurate shots to be taken.


Our straight-pull action combines accuracy and tight groupings with the speed of semi-automatic rifles. We use selected barrels with documented measurements to facilitate the production of rifles capable of 0.50 MOA groupings.

Modular design for tactical scenarios

To facilitate suitability for various tactical scenarios, the rifle uses AR10/AR15 compatible parts and AICS compatible magazines. Surface coating options to prevent visibility through thermal cameras are available.

Folding stock

User adjustability of the gap of the folding stock’s swivel ensures the stock remains rigid and accurate groupings are maintained. The rifle can be operated with the stock folded or opened.

Controlled feed

Facilitated by the grooves under it, the bolthead travels inside the magazine during the reloading action, which ensures a secure contact with the next cartridge. To prevent feeding problems, the magazine lips guide the cartridge until the bullet has entered the chamber. The large ejection port of our rifle facilitates efficient loading of single cartridges.

Simplicity equals reliability

The mechanical design of our rifles has been simplified to perfection. An entire Lynx rifle has fewer parts than just the action of any competing straight pull rifle on the market. Furthermore, the grooves on the bolt help keep the action clean from dust, snow, ice etc. during reloading.

Technical Data

Lynx Presence

Straightpull tactical rifle with a folding stock. Assembled using AR10/AR15 compatible parts and AICS compatible magazines. High degree of customizability possible to facilitate individual requirements.


Standard Calibers

Caliber / Twist Rate / Lands

6,5 x 47 Lapua / 8″ / 6 Lands
.308 Win / 9″ / 4 Lands
.308 Win / 12″ / 4 Lands


Milled, CrNiMo, Black nitrated

Hand guard

AR10/AR15 compatible quad-rail handguard, Aluminium, Hard anodized or Ceracote II finishing, FDE-HIR 265 option


Selected, documented barrels, Mangase Phospate or Ceracote II finishing, 406-570 mm, 

Pistol grip

AR10/AR15 compatible

Locking piece

Milled T-type, CrNiMo, Black nitrated


AICS-type, 10 rounds

Overall length

936 – 1100 mm

Length with stock folded

686 – 850 mm


5.5 – 6.2 Kg

Trigger pull

Adjustable 800 – 1200 g

Trigger position

Adjustable +/- 10mm

Stock length

Adjustable 275 – 330 mm


Silencer thread M18 x 1


Three position safety allowing safe removal of unfired cartridges

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