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The Lynx TD21 rifle is a one-of-a-kind hunting rifle built with a completely re-designed version of our patented straight pull action. It delivers fast, smooth operation, unrivalled accuracy and ultimate reliability.

Fast Operation

Our straight pull action is very fast to operate. As there is no need to rotate the bolt through the reloading action, the shooter is able to maintain the sight image on the target enabling fast, accurate shots to be taken.


We test our rifles to perform to tighter than 1 MOA three shot groupings. Every single rifle is tested on the firing range prior to shipping it to the buyer.

Modular Design

The rifle is assembled using a milled aluminium middle block, onto which the barreled action and stock sets are independently attached. The design allows the rifle to be equipped with different stock sets according to the requirements of the user.

Reduced Weight

Advances in structural analysis have enabled us to reduce materials in areas subject to smaller forces. With a classic hunting style synthetic stock our new model weighs 3.5 kg in .308 Win caliber compared to the prior model’s weight of ~4 kg.

Controlled feed

Facilitated by the grooves under it, the bolthead travels inside the magazine during the reloading action, which ensures a secure contact with the next cartridge. The long guiding walls ensure the bullet has entered the chamber before the cartridge is free from the guiding walls preventing any feeding problems. The ejection port of our new rifle models is larger. This makes loading new cartridges easier.

Always reliable

The mechanical design of our rifles has been simplified to perfection. An entire Lynx rifle has fewer parts than just the action of any competing straight pull rifle on the market. This allows us to use the best possible materials in optimal strength. We are praised for the ultimate reliability of our rifles. We have added grooves to the bolt, which help keep the action clean from dust, snow, ice etc. during reloading.



Standard Calibers

Caliber / Twist Rate / Barrel length / Total Length

6,5 Creedmoor / 8″ / 510 mm / 1040 mm
6,5 x 55 SE / 9″ / 530 mm / 1072 mm
7 x 64 / 9″ / 530 mm / 1072 mm
.308 Win / 12″ / 510 mm / 1040 mm
.30-06 Sprg / 10″ / 530 mm / 1072 mm
8 x 57 IS / 9″ / 530 mm / 1072 mm
9,3 x 62 / 14″ / 535 mm / 1079 mm

Silencer Thread

All rifles have silencer thread as standard in either M14x1 (6,5 Creedmoor, 6,5 x 55 SE, 7 x 64, .308 Win, .30-06 Sprg, 8 x 57 IS) or M15x1 (9,3 x 62)

Action Length

Medium, Long


3.5 Kg for caliber .308 Win

Scope rail

Standard 17mm rail for scope attachment (“Tikka-rail”). The receiver is equipped with four screw holes for quick detachable scope mounts (Apel, Recknagel, MAK) or for the picatinny rail (optional).


We manufacture our own trigger groups. As standard the rifles have a single set trigger with an adjustable weight of 800 – 1200 g.

The trigger position is user-adjustable with a +/- 10 mm range.

Safety mechanism

Our rifles have a very secure safety mechanism. It disconnects the sear from the trigger and the sear locks the firing pin. This is true safety – should the weapon be accidentally dropped, it will not fire.

Our rifles have a three position safety. The front position allows firing the weapon. For further visual confirmation of the rifle being ready to fire, a red dot is visible inside the groove behind the safety lever.

The middle position prevents firing the weapon, but the cocking handle can still be operated and cartridges can be loaded and unfired cartridges can be safely removed from the chamber.

The rear position locks the cocking handle.

Stock set

The standard rifles are delivered with black synthetic stock sets with a user removable butt stock.

After market stock sets in high grade walnut are available from our partners.

Included in delivery

One 3 shot magazine
Silencer thread with protective cap
Sling swivels
Long black synthetic gun case
User manual
Tool for removing/re-attaching the butt stock
One check and clean up service of the rifle at our factory within the first 24 months after purchase

Additional factory services

For an additional fee we can install user selected accessories such as scopes etc. at our factory during the delivery phase of the rifle.

The user has the possibility of picking up the rifle from our factory to receive training for the weapon.

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